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Raw Food vs. Cooked Food

BySubham AgrawalOn July 15,2017

With the growing number of fitness enthusiasts, a lot of questions are being raised these days about how one should eat his food. Should food be eaten in its natural raw state or should it be eaten only when it is well cooked? Which form of food is healthier? The popularity of raw food can be seen the emergence of all-raw food restaurants.

Cooked, processed or packaged food all have large quantities of trans-fats and saturated fats which are the main culprits of weight increase and heart disease, thus eating raw an uncooked food gives us the advantage of weight loss. Raw food is also full of live enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins, thus providing the body with great health benefits like better skin tone and lower blood pressure.

Food in its uncooked state is also better digested because of the presence of the live enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins. Your body requires lesser body fluids to digest them making them easier to digest and promoting hydration of your body as well. Because of this the chances of constipation also decrease greatly. They also provide more energy to your body and helps improve your immune system, making you feel less fatigued and at lesser risk for osteoporosis.

Contradicting to this, there are several foods which get healthier when cooked like tomatoes, which unleashes lycopene and other carotenoids which boost your immune system to fight against cancer. It is also said that pulses and beans are better for your body when eaten cooked.  People eating food raw miss out on several essential nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 for which then they have take supplements, which aren’t the best way to get your nutrients.

Food in the raw state also put you in the danger of being contaminated by the bacteria and viruses. Cooking food at high temperatures kill all unhealthy nuisances like bacteria and viruses. This keeps you far from getting ill and even severe complications like food poisoning.

Nutritionists continue to propose a balance between raw food and cooked food. It is believed that it is not necessary to eat only raw foods to be healthy. Balance is the key, wherein you can integrate raw foods into your usual diet plan. If you are following a raw food diet to lose weight, you may try it for a short period of time until you reach your weight loss goal. Afterwards, you can make a diet plan involving both cooked and raw food.