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Health benefits of Detoxification

BySubham AgrawalOn July 15,2017

We have always wondered if it’s possible to get rid of all the toxic wastes and poison accumulated inside our body. Dear readers, yes we can! And the word is called detoxification

As simple as it sounds detoxification is the removal of waste and harmful toxins from the body. We are often misguided by the thought that toxins are present only in the blood and inside the body, but to be clear here, they are even found in skin and scalp .not only  food but also the dust from the pollution and the use of cosmetics account for the presence of toxins in our body

For your information, we already have two organs that detoxify our body -the liver and the kidney. But some techniques include

1. Having toxin free diet and drinking fluids

A proper diet and avoiding excessive sugar, spices keep it lighter for the liver. Bitter greens and fibrous food, fresh fruit juices, and salads (having beet, celery, lime, and lemon) clean the digestive tract

2. Fasting

Systematic approach to starving can boost your cleansing system by flushing out the wastes and cutting out the extra calories

3. Taking prescribed medicines

With the advent of detox drugs and many similar products, it has been easier to get checked for toxins and take the appropriate dose

Well, we talked about the methods. Now let’s get to the benefits of detoxification

1. Healthier liver and kidney

Our livers and kidneys are designed to take out all the wastes from the digested food and filter out the excessive sugar in the blood if any. But high-calorie diet and large protein intake reduce their efficiency in the long run. Detoxification helps to lower the pressure on these organs by dividing the toxin load

2. Stress reduction

Science has revealed that cortisol is the hormone released during stress and too much of it can alter the course of the nominal functioning of our body. Cleansing the body of its toxins can regulate the cortisol level and prevent abnormalities

3. Healthier skin and appearance

Detoxifying the skin and body removes the wastes from skin pores, epidermal layers, and blood, thus giving you a healthier looking skin and a fresher feel

4. Moderation of sugar and cholesterol level in the blood

Excess sugar in the blood gives rise to diabetes and higher cholesterol gives rise to obesity, blockage of arteries and high blood pressure .detoxification helps in keeping up a healthy level of insulin and cleaner blood vessels

So if you ever plan to have a detox naturally or under medical assistance keep the above benefits in mind and go for it!