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Effects of mobile phones on health

BySubham AgrawalOn July 15,2017

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives .the the whole world lives on the communication essentially through mobile phones. But it’s not just about communicating anymore, is it?

We live a time where everything is available on our mobile phones .from calling to chatting, from surfing the internet to broadcasting your own activity, mobile phones have really been a boom to our well being

But are we so ignorant to look over the imminent danger that surrounds us? Dear readers, let’s have a meaningful perspective to gain an insight of what mobile phones do to us

First of all mobile phones have bridged the communication barrier across the entire globe .we can talk to anybody at any time at any place but at the same time prolonged exposure to them have the following adverse effects 

1. Eyesight

The gamma rays emanating from the screens are penetrative in nature. Therefore on increasing the brightness or the gamma level can cause adverse effect on eyesight.


Motion games, constant video chatting and watching videos on the mobile phones add to the radiation effects


Therefore while looking at the screen, it’s advisable to keep the phones at a safe distance (more than 30 centimeters) from eyes at all times.


2. Hearing loss

Listening to loud music through earphones plugged in mobile phones can cause hearing impairment if the sound levels are constantly high for significant amount of time 


Teenagers and children often listen to high volumes of music and are thus prone to such disorders


3. Sleep loss and stress

Some studies have revealed that prolonged exposure to radiations from mobile phones can interfere with the signals given off by the brain to the nervous system or to any other organ


4. Loss of concentration

Too much use of mobile phones often gets us addicted to its usage and reliability on it.we turn lethargic and lose our concentration in short breaks of time


5. Sperm count

A recent study has revealed that keeping mobile phones close to testicular region can cause excessive radiation to reach and kill the sperms 

6. Interference with natural frequency of heartbeat

Mobile phones can have drastic effect on the pacemakers, even on the heart causing them to malfunction in the long run


If kept close to the chest or in the breast pocket of the t shirt or the top, the electromagnetic fields around the mobile phones affect the heart in a negative manner.


Thus the next time you use a mobile phone don’t take these health concerns for granted and keep them in your mind at all times